Legacy Tools

Migrating legacy models

Exchanging of POOSL models between the POOSL IDE and the legacy tool SHESim is supported by the Legacy Support for POOSL IDE plugin for which an installation manual is available here.

POOSL Reference Language

The changes compared to the previous version of the POOSL basic classes are documented here

POOSL Library Classes

The changes compared to the previous version of the library data classes are documented here

Command Line Tools

Simulation of POOSL models from the command line using versions of POOSL earlier than v4.0 is possible with the following procedure:

  1. Use the executable poosl2xml.jar (release version) or poosl2xml_3.6.0.20160606.jar (latest version) to translate your POOSL model to the XML format supported by the simulator (rotalumis). This is accomplished by executing the command java -jar poosl2xml.jar <model.poosl>, where <model.poosl> refers to your POOSL model. When doing so, an XML file is generated in a subdirectory simulator. In case your POOSL model contains a system specification, the obtained XML file can be used with rotalumis.
  2. Use the latest version of rotalumis suitable for your platform that is available from this website at Eindhoven University of Technology. To simulate your POOSL model use the command rotalumis -f <model.xml>, where <model.xml> is the XML file obtained in step 1.